Sooo, we"re in Glassboro New Jersey going to Clayton thrift store
when we spy this pearl colored Avalanche truck. I said to my country boy don't 
even look at it because we can't afford it. We continued on our journey
and the next week country boy says come on we're going to see if that truck
is still there. Thrift store country i'm there.

          Generally when going to these places you think,{ be very afraid }
they're going to sock it to us.  We arrived and met Thomas Rand.
His firm but gentle attitude put us at ease so much that we felt we had
known him before.

We think they should give him a raise because He is very good at what he does.

Even though we had been pricing trucks for about 6 months, we were still 
not that knowledgeable about the ins and outs of car buying. We did however
know about the prices. Right away we realized that their prices were at least
30% lower than other advertisement prices. Well that scared us, we were thinking 
Whats wrong with this truck? Country boys knows about trucks. We asked 
that man the same and different questions at least 7 different times. We were
there for almost 3 hours. If he was agitated it surely didn't show and he 
gave us an out 3 different times.

          He suggested we watch the eclipse through their welders sheilds
because it would be 99 years before it returned again. I was not that interested
before then and when I saw it, it was the coolest thing ever. Now I'm researching
it. Well we wound up buying a truck and a van,the prices were that good. They suggested I tell my friends and they would give me $100.00 for each one, So, go over there, buy a car/truck, tell them Ann sent you, and you take the $100.00 and take a friend  for a ride/shopping in your new car. Blessings to you and yours.
August 2017

I consider myself to be quite a contemplator and sceptic when making a large purchase (over $20,000). I spent about a month searching for a specific vehicle online when I found one at a place called Good Wheels in Glassboro, NJ which was about as far as I was willing to travel from my home in CT (about 4 hrs). I sent an offer in and had a response within hours from Carmine that he would accept that offer. I spent the next week sending emails and making phone calls to Good Wheels asking questions about this vehicle. I spoke with 4 different people over this time and all were very pleasant and helpful about answering my questions. Tom in particular was very knowledgeable and helpful about many of my concerns and assured me this vehicle was every bit as nice as it appears online and seemed a bit surprised I was able to negotiate the price I did. He also understood I was going to travel some distance to purchase and assured me I would not be disappointed and also offered to pick me up at the train station 25 minutes away. I took him up on his offer and his driver (Bob also very pleasant) was waiting for me when my train arrived. When we pulled into the dealer I saw the car and was like WOW that car is beautiful. After a quick inspection by myself and a short test drive I loved the car. 45 minutes later I was cruising back to CT in a 2012 Cadillac SRX (which I purchased for my wife for Christmas) man was that an awesome ride home, and I cant wait to see my wife's face on Christmas morning. You guys were terrific, knowledgeable, fair and just very easy to deal with. I would not hesitate to purchase from Good Wheels in the future.
Thanks again
Chris from CT Dec 2014

Dear Tom,
I bought a 2010 Volvo S 40 on 6/19/2014. I drove up and down delsea dr. Than I found Good Wheels. I have to say I was Impressed. Good clean cars. Very Fair prices. My credit was sub-Par and they were still able to get me a great Rate! The salesman Tom was a Professional. Very laid back and not a hard sell. Jeff in Finance was very courteous and helpful. I have a minor Glitches with the vehicle. They took care of Everything as promised. They stand behind what they sell! I know the used car Business can be brutal! I would recommend everyone to purchase from Good Wheels. It's the Service after the sale that counts!
Distinctive Entertainment

Hi, our names are Ron & Rose. We'd like to give you a brief story on our experience at Good Wheels in Glassboro, NJ. 3 years ago we were in search of a quality certified used car and went from dealer to dealer along Delsea Dr until we stumbled upon Good Wheels. We pulled in and parked and did the usual by browsing the inventory on foot. Out came several sales people with a kind and friendly greeting to welcome us to Good Wheels and for us to let them know when we may see something that we would like to test drive, etc. No hovering over us, which was much appreciated because as we all know sales people can be overwhelming. Long story short, we seen several vehicles that we were in fact interested in, all affordably priced, nicely kept and several options on top of that which you will not find with any other dealers along the Delsea Dr stretch of used car dealers. We proceeded inside where we met our sales person along with the staff of finance managers who couldn't have been more kind, friendly and caring to make sure that we had the best customer service possible. At this time we purchased a 2006 Honda Civic which looked, drove and performed like a brand new vehicle as we drove it right out of the showroom. Following this visit to Good Wheels, we soon were looking to purchase a 2nd certified used vehicle and we returned back to the dealership where we were greated like a personal friend of the family. Outstanding customer service and kindness from EVERYONE, just like our first visit there. We ended up leaving again with a 2007 Nissan Maxima in extraordinary condition, which we currently still have and it looks as good and operates like a brand new car.
Recently on about February 28th, I was looking to trade our Honda we purchased from Good Wheels and I brought it back to them and wanted to trade it in. The car was in as good as shape as it was 3 years prior when we purchased it. Our trade value was excellent and needless to say I proceeded to leave with yet another excellent car, a 2009 Volvo S80. Again Like BRAND NEW!
I'd like to personally tell you all!! If you are in the market for quality used cars that are amazingly priced affordably reguardless of your situation and credit, please allow the friendliest, kindest people that you will ever cross paths with at Good Wheels assist you. You will have no regrets.
A personal thank you to my salesperson Jim for all his help, Jeff who is the greatest finance guy you will ever meet, who makes magic happen, Seth who will do his magic as well if Jeff isn't around and last but not least, if you have the experience to meet the owners, Carmine Jr, being one of them, is the best! I thank you all for our 3rd great experience at Good Wheels and I can assure you, we will be back again. 03/13/2013

Hi our names are Andy and Shonda and we would like to tell you a short story. My husband was in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and we were in need of a newer vehicle. We stopped at numerous dealerships, and were told that there was nothing they could do for us, and they treated us like second class citizens because of the bankruptcy. This was not the case at Good Wheels. They treated us like family, very professional, all around the best and only dealership we will ever buy our vehicles from. We have just purchased our second vehicle from them and they have been wonderful. I can't say enough about how they are very professional and courteous. I would recommend this dealership to everyone who needs a car. 8/2006

When we first came to Good Wheels, we hadn't begun to rebuild our credit after a bankruptcy. We'd been turned away by other car dealers, but Good Wheels was able to work with us and get us into a great truck.
A year later, we needed to buy a new vehicle. Thanks to Good Wheels, we were able to drive off the lot with a new mini-van, and no hassles. Our credit is great now! Thanks to Good Wheels for giving us a chance, and helping us get back on track when things weren't going well for us. Janice & Monte 8/2006

Thank you for making our car purchase so smooth and easy. We appreciate your patience as we awaited our financing to be finalized. We are very happy with our 03 Cavalier and will be happy to refer Good Wheels to our friends and neighbors. Peace to you and the staff at Good Wheels. Kip and Linda 1/2007

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the level of service that was provided to me. As a young woman, you are always on the lookout for someone to rip you off (especially in the auto industry). I must express my relief and gratitude at how I was treated at Good Wheels. I was given a fair deal and not harassed or given the run around about the price. Thank you for your integrity Good Wheels. Wendy 1/2007

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I bought a Dodge Durango in April of 2007. We spent many weeks looking at other car dealers and we found that none compare to Good Wheels. Our salesman Ray Hall was very helpful. Thank you for your services!! Rebecca 04/2007

What a great experience I had purchasing my 2003 Sonata. My current car was dying a slow death and I had been walking the lots and shopping the ads of other car dealers. Their inventory was weak and they all wanted a large down payment. I then found Good Wheel's web site and found a beauty. I went in to meet Carmine the Sales Manager at the Glassboro location who introduced me to Seth Fox one of his salesmen who would help me. Seth was very professional, knowledgeable and understood my buying situation and needs. Seth worked within the parameters we talked about. I bought the car I wanted with the down payment and monthly payment that I could afford. I was in the car the same day. It's a great feeling when I look back at it a few days later with the knowledge that I got a fair deal and was treated so well. Make your next vehicle purchase at Good Wheels and ask for Seth Fox you will be glad you did.
John 05/2007

I would like to thank you for the very "pleasant experience" I had in dealing with you and your entire organization. The delivery process was not only professional, but also hassle free. The presentation of the car was fabulous. Leo is amazing! I was also amazed in the way Dan took car of the seat. Michael, please extend regards to Carmine and everyone else. I will absolutely recommend you and your entire organization.
Gary 05/2007

We just wanted to take a moment to write to you to express our thanks for your professionalism and great customer service. It is people like you who make your business a better place to buy a car, simply by taking time to ensure your customers are comfortable and satisfied.
In the past three years we have purchased three cars from you; 2000 Chrysler Sebring LXI, 2002 Grand Cherokee Laredo and the most recent one , 2004 Mazda RX8 and each experience has been better than the last.
We like to especially thank Seth Fox for his genuine and honest approach in assisting us in obtaining the best possible deal, and for the third time in 3 years making us satisfied customers.
Also we would like to acknowledge Bill "K" Kryzk, our sales representative this last time, for his professional assistance. He really made us comfortable by taking his time to go over every detail.
Thank you again Good Wheels you are number one on the list for our next car purchase.
Samuel and Mark 02/2008

I recently purchased a used car from Rick at the Glassboro location, and with his help we were able to get a car that we desperately needed and could afford. Having a credit problem it was a tough deal but Rick and Seth and guys were true to their word and got us a good used car, to help us get back on our feet. Bill 04/2008

Recently I was involved in an accident and while waiting for the settlement from my insurance company, I was contemplating where and what I was going to purchase as a replacement vehicle. Five years ago, I had purchased a 2000 Buick Century from Good Wheels, and at the time it had 56,000 miles on it. Through the years and job changes, my car was always reliable and dependable. At the time of the accident, It had 179,000 miles on it. After thinking things over, there was only one place I'd go to get my replacement vehicle, Good Wheels. Not only does Good Wheels sell cars, but they sell quality, something most car dealers don't care about. I have full confidence that the new vehicle I purchased from them will be of the same quality as my previous vehicle. Their name says it all. Sonja 11/14/2008

On Tuesday, September 22, my engine died on my car. I was in desperate need of another vehicle and ended up going to about 4 car lots. I ended up at Good Wheels in Glassboro and the service was impeccable. Joe Capra, my sales person was very kind, patient and knowledgeable. He was not pushy. This was one of the best car buying experiences that I have ever had. I will definitely recommend Good Wheels to my family and friends. Tamu 09/22/2009